SSOYA-lgFirst and foremost, Local Visibility Consultants (“LVC”), is here to serve the small and medium business (SMB) community and help your business reach its goals. To make an informed choice about the online portion of your goals, Local Visibility Consultants  will help you to clarify your available options.

Alex Weiss and his team of trained professionals at the Local Visibility Consultant’s family of companies have experience that dates back to the ‘pre-internet’ days of computer marketing. In those days they served business owners in 29 countries by manufacturing and distributing computers and software for resale. More recently they have been supplying them with their online marketing needs. In the last century, almost all SMB owners were not expected to buy the computers and run them. But as more of their customers, clients and patients went online to search the internet before making a buying decision, most SMB owners did not know then and still do not know now, how to connect with them. That is the problem Local Visibility Consultants help the SMB owner solve. How to get online prospects and customers to contact your business first, before they find and contact your competitors online. Please don’t hesitate call us with any questions.