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Why Your Online Reputation is Important – Part 2

Why Your Online Reputation Is Important


How Online Reviews Affect Your Business

A study conducted in 2015 revealed that a whopping 40 percent of consumers form an opinion by reading just one to three online reviews about a business. This figure has risen from 29 percent (previous year). The reviews consumers are reading about your business are having a huge impact on the choices they are making. This means online reviews are ultimately determining whether your business is thriving or slowly dying. The following info-graphic depicts the massive influence reviews are having on your business.

Online Reviews

Why You Should Take Yelp Seriously

Most of us know about Yelp, but many local businesses do not grasp how Yelp is affecting their bottom lines. Yelp uses star ratings to help consumers judge the quality of a business. Here’s how Yelp’s star rating work: the star ratings from each review are combined to create an average rating for a business. Then, to provide a more precise rating, Yelp narrows down that average rating to a half-star rating. A business could be rated as 3.5 stars.

If you don’t think there’s a significant difference between having 3 stars and 3.5 stars, you are sadly mistaken. A group of economists from UC Berkeley in California conducted a study, which revealed that just a half star difference in a company’s rating on Yelp can deeply impact the company’s profit margin. That is especially true with local businesses because many offer the same services and products. Businesses that have barely four stars on Yelp sell approximately 19 percent more than business, that have almost four stars. Consumers are not only reading reviews about your business on Yelp, they are keeping an extremely close eye on your stars.

Yelp only makes up part of your online reputation. Click here to get your free reputation report and find out what your customers are saying about you all over the web.

Why Your Online Reputation is Important – Part 1

Why Your Online Reputation Is Important for Your Local Business


We now live in the technology era where people use the internet to post their experiences at local businesses. This was not the case 30 years ago when people were using word of mouth to communicate their opinions and feelings about local businesses. Of course, people still talk face-to-face with their friends, family, and colleagues about local businesses, but now the internet is a major factor to consider. Your customers now have the freedom to post their experiences at your business without your permission or knowledge. People are out there posting both positive and negative reviews about your business, undenounced to you. This new form of reviewing is referred to as “Electronic Word of Mouth” or eWom, and it’s directly affecting your company’s bottom line.

There are many different communication platforms online that enable consumers to post their reviews and opinions about businesses. Google and Yelp are currently very popular review platforms where people can post their feelings within seconds for the entire world to see. Just one negative experience at your business can lead to a poor review, which can have a direct effect on the amount of future business your company receives. New customers who are considering using your services can easily find negative and positive reviews about your business and use those reviews to determine whether they should use your business. All it takes is just a few negative reviews to cancel out several positive ones and leave negative feelings and uncertainty about your business in customers’ minds. And if your competitor has positive reviews with less or no negative reviews online, your customers will certainly pass you up.

Fortunately, there is something you can do about negative reviews posted online. Consider how many other review sites and directories people are posting their opinions on, as well, and imagine being able to control what’s on those sites. It’s possible and can really make a dramatic positive impact on your business and bottom line.

The first thing to do is check your online reputation for free. Click here to get your free reputation report.Local Business

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Exactly What Is Your Online Reputation?

Exactly What Is Your Online



Your online reputation is, how your potential customers and current customers see your business the moment they search for your company on the internet. They will either see you have bad reviews, good reviews…or worse yet no reviews.

Online reviews are trusted almost as much as word of mouth referrals for local businesses.  So it is extremely important you know what is online for your business.

Try it for yourself, do a quick search on Google, type in “ Your Business Name and City” – check out the results, you will likely find that it consists of everything that can be accessed online about your business, regardless if you published it on purpose or not.   You will find Images, videos, news articles, blog posts, social media profiles, “people search” sites, public tax or property records, and most importantly what your customers/past customers are saying about your business.

The websites that list your business’s online reputation are called “Local Directories.”  Local Directories are a business listing for your company that includes the contact information and your online reviews.  Thousands of people search online directories for local businesses daily.  The decision of potential customers to visit your local business for their needs is largely based on what they find others are saying about your company online. That is why it is vitally important you pay attention to what is being said about your business online.

Some of the well-known sites that showcase your online reputation are: Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Foursquare and much more.  There are also specialty directories for attorneys, doctors, etc. that you should pay attention to as well.


Online Reputation

Online Reputations are NOT always what they seem…

An interesting fact that you may not know is that your company’s online reputation is decided by an algorithm that is done by a machine that calculates what people will find interesting. Essentially, that means that the more times a review is clicked on, the higher up it will be on the list. With this in mind, your results that are shown are sometimes inaccurate because they could be old reviews that have since been resolved but because it is the most popular, it will be what is seen first. This happens because the review sites automatically show the most popular reviews instead of most recent. This will distort your company’s reputation.


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