Why Your Online Reputation is Important – Part 1

Why Your Online Reputation Is Important for Your Local Business


We now live in the technology era where people use the internet to post their experiences at local businesses. This was not the case 30 years ago when people were using word of mouth to communicate their opinions and feelings about local businesses. Of course, people still talk face-to-face with their friends, family, and colleagues about local businesses, but now the internet is a major factor to consider. Your customers now have the freedom to post their experiences at your business without your permission or knowledge. People are out there posting both positive and negative reviews about your business, undenounced to you. This new form of reviewing is referred to as “Electronic Word of Mouth” or eWom, and it’s directly affecting your company’s bottom line.

There are many different communication platforms online that enable consumers to post their reviews and opinions about businesses. Google and Yelp are currently very popular review platforms where people can post their feelings within seconds for the entire world to see. Just one negative experience at your business can lead to a poor review, which can have a direct effect on the amount of future business your company receives. New customers who are considering using your services can easily find negative and positive reviews about your business and use those reviews to determine whether they should use your business. All it takes is just a few negative reviews to cancel out several positive ones and leave negative feelings and uncertainty about your business in customers’ minds. And if your competitor has positive reviews with less or no negative reviews online, your customers will certainly pass you up.

Fortunately, there is something you can do about negative reviews posted online. Consider how many other review sites and directories people are posting their opinions on, as well, and imagine being able to control what’s on those sites. It’s possible and can really make a dramatic positive impact on your business and bottom line.

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  • November 30, 2016
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