When Searching Online For Your Products or Services

Who is Found First…

YOU or Your Competitors?


It doesn’t matter if your business sells a product or offers a service. It doesn’t matter if you do business face to face or over the phone. If you want your business to be found online by your prospective customers you first must be ‘Visible’ online.

The primary question is how much ‘Visibility’ does your business need to be found online?

Of course the answer to that question is very important and – believe it or not – very simple.

This short story will explain our answer.

“How to outrun a hungry bear”


It’s really humid in the woods today, so the two hiking buddies,

Bob and Jack, remove their shirts and shoes.

Suddenly they spot a sign saying:

Beware of Bears

Online Visibility


Bob, one of the hikers, stops what he is doing and puts his shoes back on.

What’s the point?” Jack asked. “You can’t outrun a hungry bear.”

Actually,” says Bob, “all I have to do is outrun you.

That is the secret of “Outrunning a Hungry Bear”

1- Knowing how fast your competition can run, and

2- Running just a little bit faster than your competitors


Online Visibility Building Blocks = Potential Customers = PROFITS

Fewer Building Blocks = More Competition = Less Profits
Website equal2 Pulling equal2 Litle Moneytree

Building Blocks that Increase Your Online Visiblity:

Website Website Content Google Adwords Blog Mobile Website Press Releases NEWDASH Facebook Twitter Google + Google Authorship LinkedIn Pinterest NEWDASH Picasa Instagram SlideShare YouTube Email Marketing Online Directories NEWDASH Coupon Sites/Deals Reputation Marketing Search Engine Marketing Mobile Marketing Video Marketing Citations

Let us show you how fast your competitors can run.

Then we will show you how to run just a little bit faster!

FREE Analysis of

Online Visibility


Your Competitors


The ‘Online Visibility’ report will show you:

  • In which directories your competitors can be found
  • How many ‘Online Votes’ your competitors have received
  • How many ‘Customer Reviews’ have been written about your competitors
  • Which ‘keywords’ your competitors are using to be ‘Visible’ online
  • And Much More


Compare the strength of your ‘Online Visibility’
to that of your competitors

  • Competitor #1

  • Competitor #2

  • Competitor #3