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One of the big questions we’re asked is, how can spas build their online reputation and then use that reputation to increase their sales? The good news is that Local Visibility Consultants makes that problem very easy for businesses to solve.

Did you know that a recent study shows that 87% of people, after being referred to a business will then go online to look for more information about that business? They’re either going to look for reviews and ratings or for the company’s contact information. Either way, once they go online, they will also see the company’s reputation featured by the company’s reviews and star ratings. That’s why it’s crucial for companies to concentrate on developing their online reputation. It can be the difference between patients calling you or your competitors.

So how does a spa develop their online reputation and then use that reputation to increase their sales?

Our solution is to help you build a 5-star review culture within your company. The effects of implementing that culture, should show itself by having 5-star reviews on your website, search engine result pages, YouTube channel, Facebook pages, other social media websites, directories, review rating sites like yelp and other business specific rating sites relevant to your company.

Because customers really want to know they are in good hands, they are going to research online to find out what type of reputation your spa has. So show them your great 4 and 5-star reviews.
Our team at, Local Visibility Consultants, have the solutions you need now and will need in the future. Our solutions are unique, proprietary, and are available today with systems that simplify creating the infrastructure and allow for total control of the processes.

Give us a call today at (323) 230-4582, so we can share with you how we will present yourself and your spa online as experts in your field, recognized, and appreciated by your customers with an online marketing strategy that will have prospective customers calling you rather than your competitors.